365 Pens Project

Join in the fun and show off your pen crafting skills! Don't miss this opportunity to have your work published in a book to be shared with pen collectors and fellow pen turners. 365 Pens is a project to showcase a pen a day; pens crafted by you. Learn all about the project by click the About button below.

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365 Pens Facebook page for pen turning

Hi fellow pen artist, Facebook page 365 Pens is now available for you to share your thoughts and questions on the Project. Click on the photo below to go to the page, then click on the Like button. Please share with your pen turning friends and make this project a success for everyone. For more […]

Cherry Pits in Red Alumilite, crafted by Eric Beuker. Photo used by permission.

New Entries for 365 Pens

Hi Everyone, I’m receiving some great looking pens to include in the 365 Pens publication. I can’t share them all with you but will feature a new one at random. 365 Pens will showcase the artistic work of pen turners ranging in skill from the amateurs to the professionals. This is your opportunity to inspire […]


365 Pens Website Development

  11-11-13 Added skill level field to submit form. 11-10-13 Website completed, ready to launch. We are very excited to join you on this project. 11-1-13  More progress today, almost completed with all the pages and forms. Comments welcome. 10-31-13 Continued development of the Join and Submit forms. Making progress.  Comments welcome. 10-28-13  Worked on […]

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